Beers in Review: Savannah's Moon River Brewing Company

As previously mentioned, I spent the weekend in Savannah, Georgia, and amongst many many miles of walking, shopping, and eating, my family and I happened upon the Moon River Brewing Company. I will review a couple of the beers shortly, but having tasted 4 of their beers in all (Swamp Fox American IPA and Southern Sour Blend #2, in addition to the 2 below), I think the most notable thing I found about Moon River is how much they have going on in their beers.

As the site name suggests (if you get puns), I don't claim to be any kind of expert in beer tastings. My palate is slowly but steadily getting better, but I am not one of these people who can pick out a half-dozen distinct flavors or aromas from each beer, like some folks. In Moon River's beers, I could taste the depth, which was very encouraging for me.

First off was Duppy Conquerer, a relatively low ABV beer, but I would hesitate to call it in any way sessionable, just due to its formidable flavor profile. A collaboration with fellow Savannah brewery Southpoint Brewing Company, Duppy is a Sour India Red Ale that is immensely fruity, with a powerful citrusy kick. A small amount of hoppiness is present, along with effervescent and fresh feelings. This ale really starts to make its left turn as it warms up. Progressively, some funky flavors start to creep in--they don't overwhelm the ale, but they are quite prevalent. The sourness also spikes as it warms up. The end result was that the last third or so of the pint was both a bit tough to get through while still being enjoyable. It's a really interesting ale, but I one must be into sours in order to enjoy Duppy.

The second beer I got a good taste of was the Boucane Brown Ale. I've started to stray away from browns in general, but if they all tasted like Boucane, I'd be downing browns with regularity. Oats and nuts were highly prevalent in both the aroma and the flavor, and was very smooth and tasty overall.

I wish Moon River made it across the Savannah River and here into South Carolina. One can only hope that some future expansion plan will make that possible. Moon River makes wonderfully complex beers that need to be appreciated by many more people.

A happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Coming up this weekend, some beers from my cellar, and the first of the winter/Christmas seasonals.