Beer in Review: Sixpoint Sweet Action (or, that funny-looking can)

It's been a quiet week on the beer front, frankly, though I hope to have lots of content out of tomorrow's Vista Lights celebration and this weekend's trip to Savannah.

A beer I am having right now is Sixpoint Brewery's Sweet Action. Now, there are two things I have noticed right away. First, the beer is named, but Sixpoint, even on their website, declines to note the type of beer, calling it "an undefinable beer...that your brain cannot categorize but instead speaks directly to your palate."

The second thing is, the odd can shape. This 12oz. can seems shaped more like a Red Bull can than your standard 12oz. beer can. Certainly not a bad thing. Just very apparent.

The beer has a pretty mild hop profile, but overall tends to be malty and smooth. Peaches are strong in the aroma--in the flavor, I tend to get more of the peach skins. Also, some apricots. Were I to label this beer, I think it'd fall into the APA category. Solid beer.

I hope to bring you lots more from what should be a fun weekend on Sunday and/or Monday.