Beer in Review LIVE: COAST's HopArt IPA

I'm fighting off the tryptophan (which is a misnomer, but this isn't a culinary blog) with a can of HopArt from COAST Brewing. Enjoy this quick live review!

This IPA is opaque, and the sip starts with a brief slight kick of alcohol followed by powerful sweet malty notes. The middle is a bit of a transition, and so it's a little tough to figure out what's going on. The transition leads into some bitter hop flavors that doesn't really hang around too much.

COAST, from Charleston, is one of the highly-regarded breweries in South Carolina. HopArt is a very good beer, though some of the flavor notes tend to make me want to push this into either the American Pale Ale or (given the 7.7% ABV) Double IPA territory. Still, this is a solid representative from COAST.