About Me


My name is Justin, and I love craft beer. It really started many years ago, when my father stocked our fridge not with the bastions of the American beer scene--Bud, Coors, Miller, etc.--but with Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.

I wasn't a huge fan of Sierra Nevada. Heck, I've just recently started to really dig MOST super-hoppy pale ales. But I knew even 15-20 years ago that there was so much more to American beer than the endless parade of pale lagers I see during football commercials.

A Pennsylvania native, my love of craft beer REALLY exploded with my move to Columbia, South Carolina 8+ years ago. Upon arriving here, and discovering craft beer bars such as the Flying Saucer, along with more recently-opened joints like World of Beer, and Craft and Draft, my beer horizons were opened exponentially, and I am glad to have started the journey through the world of craft beer--a journey that will never end and is always full of new discoveries and surprises.


About PRB

Pourly Reviewed Beer was founded in 2015 (originally as Inside the Keg) and began regular content creation in October 2015 with written beer reviews. Twitter and Facebook pages for PRB were also started around this time. This has since expanded to include craft beer news and commentary and the Pourly Reviewed Beer YouTube page, which began posting video beer reviews and special videos beginning in Febuary 2016. In less than a year, PRB has reviewed over 200 different beers, including over 20 beers reviewed via video. Thank you for visiting, and feel free to visit our social networking pages! All of these links can be found by clicking on "Home Page" near the top of this page (just under the logo!).