Six-Pack of News, Volume 8

With various trips getting in the way, it's been nearly a month since there has been any news coverage on this site. Let's fix that RIGHT NOW!

Fresh off of leaving Terrapin Beer Company after their acquisition by MillerCoors, Terrapin co-founder John Cochran has purchased Asheville's Altamont Brewing (along with its assets, including all production equipment and a restaurant) and renamed it UpCountry Brewing.

Despite a law seemingly in support of such action, state of Oklahoma lawmakers and liquor control group are struggling with legislation that will allow breweries to sell beer for on-site consumption. The Oklahoma Attorney General is expected to rule on/interpret the matter later this week.

Presented with minimal comment, a slightly depressing map of the most popular beers in many countries of the world.

After discovering a relative lack of accommodations near their brewery, the folks at Stone Brewing Company have decided to erect a hotel near their facilities outside of San Diego, CA. The Stone Brewing Co. Hotel is slated to open in 2018.

Staying in California, state lawmakers have sent the governor a bill legalizing the already established-but-technically-illegal practice of offering no-charge single servings of wine or beer to patrons of beauty salons and barber shops.

Finally, in a bit of local news, Swamp Cabbage Brewing Company in Columbia, SC celebrated their 2nd birthday this past weekend. Congratulations!