Breaking News: DOJ Approves Mega-Merger

I just did the Six-Pack yesterday, but this is too big to ignore.

The U.S. Department of Justice has approved the merger of the world's two largest beer companies. Anhueser-Busch InBev (aka Budweiser, among others) and SABMiller (which includes the Coors and Miller families of beer among its brands) have cleared this final global regulatory hurdle this afternoon, as confirmed by A-B InBev. Now, like the approvals from the European Union, South Africa, and others, this DOJ approval will likely include stipulations. A-B InBev has already had to make plans to divest itself of most of SABMiller's European holdings, and this is expected to continue in the U.S., where SAB Miller will likely have to spin MillerCoors off to MolsonCoors (MillerCoors was an existing joint venture of the two beer companies).

The result will be A-B InBev controlling 29% of the world's beer supply, and the macrogiant gaining an increased foothold and level of access into Africa, SABMiller was originally a South African company, and Asia.

In additional news, MillerCoors bought a majority stake in Athens, GA craft brewery Terrapin Beer Company, up from their previous 21% stake, which was still low enough to call Terrapin a "craft brewery". Between the mega-merger and Goose Island's recent problems, it's hard for me to be super-optimistic about Terrapin's future.