Beers in Review: Doing one live

I have just one last saved up from the weekend to write about, but since I want to give you all your money's worth, I'll add one live tasting to wrap up the post. The things I do for you people.

From the weekend, Magic Hat Brewing Company has released their summer seasonal, Stealing Time. A wheat ale with ginger, I'm glad to say the balance of the ginger is one of several positive characteristics of this beer. As expected for a summer, it has a light gold color and a pretty light body. Overall, I found the ale to be quite tasty. It was pretty sweet, but also contained some grainy notes. The ginger flavor and bite was noticeable but not overpowering, as is so easy to do. The result was a nice balance between the less intense wheat ale characteristics and the ginger notes. A really nice execution and a tasty beer.

For the live tasting, and staying in a summery mood, I have the Hauch von Himmel Hefeweizen from from Church Street Brewing Company in Illinois. I considered doing this for tomorrow's video review, but I didn't want to have to deal with saying/butchering "Hauch von Himmel" a lot, so this live tasting works out better. The hefe pours a pretty gold-to-ripe-peach color, and is pretty hazy. Upon taking a sip, the first impressions are of fruit, but it's not super-sweet, like it could be with such flavors. There is also an interesting sour note, almost pushing into a sour ale, but not quite. There is some very mild clove and other spices, and maybe just a hint of graininess. All of this is going on as it stays in my mouth, but I find it all resolves into a tart white wine note at the very end. There is a whole lot going on with this beer, and I'm glad I have a couple more to enjoy as the weather warms up.