Beers in Review: Two Foothills and a Red Hare

Three beers on tap for this review. Let's get to it!

There are a couple of beers from Foothills Brewing to discuss, leading off with the Hoppyum IPA. This beer is semi-clear and golden in color with maybe a hint of ruby red grapefruit color. The first flavor that was pressed on me was a powerful piney hop presence that eventually led to some citrus notes and a hint of nuttiness. There was also a strong initial hop bite, but this dissipated in the flavor quite quickly. Overall, I find this beer tends to push more into the English- or American-style IPA than the more traditional IPA.

Next from Foothills is their Carolina Blonde. The target idea here is achieving that quintessential summer day beer--a concept we've discussed with other breweries/beers in the past. The execution is pretty spot on. Officially a cream ale, the Blonde pours a somewhat hazy gold color, and is generally low in body. Generally mild but quite noticeable flavors include a light fruity sweetness along with perhaps some bready or crackery notes. I also detected a little bit of grape or more likely grape skin flavor as well. The beer is not super crisp, but a slightly citrusy bite at the very end helps bring the "summer beer" concept together from beginning to end.

The last review for this entry is Red Hare Brewing Company's Watership Brown. It has a deep brown color, a medium-high body, and a lot of nice things going on with it. Malty flavors take the lead, including a delicious malted chocolate milkshake-style taste, along with some caramel sweetness and a slight bitterness. There was also an almost boozy note (or perhaps something chemical?) at the end, which surprised me (the ABV is 7.2%). I feel I should note that I have had some mild taste issues with this establishment's tap system in the past, so I can't conclusively decide (and in fact, highly doubt) that this was a beer flaw. Overall, my impression was 3/4 a really great beer, 1/4 something weird at the end. Regardless of issues, this is a beer I would have again in the future, and I will need to try to find this again and publish a follow-up.