Local news: new place in Columbia's Five Points with definite craft beer potential

I may be dabbling into local affairs a bit too much this week, but I was kind of excited by an Instagram picture I saw today.

The village of Five Points in Columbia, SC is typically seen as the collegiate night life district. It has a lot of great shopping spaces, and some great restaurants, but when the sun goes down, the students from USC take over. The result is a lot of PBR, Bud Light, and cheap liquor specials. And believe me, I can absolutely be down with cheap booze. But given the level of competition (Flying Saucer, World of Beer) in the Vista, Columbia's slightly-more-grown-up entertainment district, a few Five Points joints HAVE been making an effort to improve the Five Points beer scene. (shout-out to the Village Idiot and The Attic)

The scene may be taken to the next level with Publico Kitchen and Tap, a brand new beer joint and taqueria. Now, the picture that excited me is right here, and that is a really solid group of (mostly regional) craft beers, and a considerable number of taps for the Five Points area.

I am excited to check out Publico's beer AND food menu. The taco list is pretty crazy! Banh mi! Pad thai chicken! Tuna poke! Insane!

Best of luck to Columbia's newest restaurant! Hope you because yet another Five Points institution!