Austin 3:16 says "I finally made a beer!"

FIle this under "10-15 years too late, thought I supposed the craft beer scene hadn't really caught up at that point.

Wrestling superstar Stone Cold Steve Austin was famous back in the day for his beer-swilling, every-man, anti-hero antics against owner of the then-WWF (now-WWE) Vince McMahon, to the point that Steve would celebrate his successes by toasting beers in-ring. Today, this legendary performer in the squared circle spends his time as a tv personality/game show host and podcaster while still making the occasional WWE appearance.

Austin has now expanded his empire's reach into the craft beer scene with the long-overdue Broken Skull IPA, named in honor of his Tilden, TX ranch. He has partnered with Los Angeles' El Segundo Brewing Company to create a "bad ass beer". Steve took a "hands-on approach" to create "the ultimate IPA designed for the working man and woman who love great beer." El Segundo will be hosting a sold-out trio of Austin-hosted special events next month to celebrate the release of Broken Skull.

H/t: The Full Pint

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