Untappd begins strategic merger, able to go "to the next level"

Like many craft beer enthusiasts, I use the mobile app Untappd to track the beers I've had over the last few years. When you're reaching into the hundreds of beers (and surely thousands, in some people's cases), it's nice to have something keeping track of which beers you've had. Untappd is an app that looks good, is pretty well designed and, most importantly, is very stable--crashes of the app are incredibly rare, at least they have been on my series of iPhones. So, imagine my surprise to learn that the app has been a 5+ year a part-time labor of love for two gentlemen, Tim Mather and Greg Avola.

Now, these gentlemen have the opportunity to transition into full-time work on Untappd, by merging with Next Glass, which appears to be a drink recipe and analytic app. The merger will not only allow Mather and Avola to work on Untappd full-time, but will allow for the hiring of additional staff, which will help increase feature development speed and means the app "will get new updates, cool features, and even more badges, faster."

Congratulations to the guys at Untappd. I've been a fan and user of the app for years, and hope this results in many great changes in the future!

Link: Full statement from Untappd