Beers in Review: An Additional Trio

Intros are hard, so let's just dive right in, shall we?

Rounding out the collection of Savannah/Georgia beers I recently tried is Service Brewing Company's Teufel Hunden, a beer brewed in the true Oktoberfest spirit. An unfiltered Marzen, the Tuefel features some mild "pumpkin pie spice" flavors, but nothing too overpowering, which I like. Also featuring some nice maltiness and a medium body. Another fall seasonal which I can enjoy, though their distribution doesn't make it to Columbia yet, to my knowledge. (EDIT: My knowledge is poor. Per Service, they are available throughout the Carolinas. -J.S.)

Next is Green Man Brewery and their ESB. Overall, this ESB is rock solid in style, and very good overall. Lots of toastiness and malts, with the signature ESB flavor--maybe a hint of bitterness. Also had some body, and finished with hints of grains and some sweetness.

The final Beer in Review had a whole lot going on. Unknown's Brown-Ryed Girl officially lists as a India Brown Ale. A super smooth beer, it starts with a light hop flavor before giving way to some roasty sweetness, and to me some darkly sweet flavors, such as caramel and the like. This may be a result of the rye spiciness. That spicyness especially shines through at the end of the drink. A really fun beer to drink.