More Wicked Weed fallout (UPDATED)

First off, if you are interested, here is the press release straight-up. It was included in Brewbound's article I posted earlier today, but the above presents the release without comment, editorializing, or further information.

One thing I failed to note in my video was the fact that about a week ago, Wicked Weed announced on Facebook that their brewpub would be closed today until 5pm for "staff training". No word on whether this covered the Funkatorium as well, or if this announcement was anticipated and the training was related. But it sure feels that way.

Ben Dofflemyer at the Asheville Blog makes a very good point about the likely all-along intentions of Wicked Weed's investors, and covers some of the local and state craft beer industry reaction to Wicked Weed's decision.

Ben's post notes Jester King Brewery's decision to no longer offer Wicked Weed beers at their Austin, Texas tasting room. Here is a full statement on the matter as a whole from Jester King. It's also worth noting that Jester King has pulled out of Wicked Weed's Funkatorium Invitational event, currently scheduled for July 8th. It will be interesting to see if other breweries follow suit. As a South Carolina-based blogger, I have reached out to Greenville, SC's Birds Fly South Ale Project for comment on the matter. I believe they are the only brewery on the invitation list. I will update if I get a response.

WRAL's article includes a statement from the North Carolina Craft Brewers Guild.

Huntington Beach, California's Beechwood BBQ & Brewing documents the recent time when they inadvertently did an interview for The High End's (A-B InBev's "craft" beer arm) new blogging venture, The Beer Necessities, how that venture shows the duplicitous nature of ABI and other megabeer corporations.

In the interest of some balance, because I admit I've fallen pretty hard on one side of this issue right now, is an Uproxx article from last week (published in response to BrewDog's receipt of capital from Pabst Blue Ribbon's parent company) about the pros and cons of "selling out".

Finally tonight, Chris Furnari at Brewbound has much more on this deal, including comments from Wicked Weed's group and the President of A-B's High End group.

If there is more reporting later in the week, I will make additional blog posts.


It has been a hell of a day. In over 1 1/2 years of beer blogging, it's easily been my busiest, most prolific day--and this was supposed to be a day off from work! I won't say it was fun--frankly, for me personally, the news was highly disappointing. But I loved the engagement on Twitter and Facebook throughout the day. My great thanks for all of that engagement, AND to everyone who has checked out the website and the livestream video. We should all do this again sometime. Just for a less-crappy reason.