Beers in Review: Welcome to the Party, Goodwood!

Making their PRB debut is Louisville, Kentucky's Goodwood Beer and their Walnut Brown Ale! The Goodwood website lists the Walnut Ale at 6% ABV and 23 IBU--the local watering hole where I had this beer listed a slightly high ABV. As an aside, the Goodwood website really brings something neat to the website game by showing where on the tongue one should experience various flavors pertaining to each of their beers! Good show, Goodwood! The beer pours a deep, dark chocolate brown and has a medium body. I found this brown ale to be well-executed, with expected nutty and malty flavor notes, along with an initial very slight sweetness. This sweetness tended to go away through the drinking experience, as I detected a subtle unsweetened chocolate note at the very end of the drinking experience. There was also a little bit of a cola note, too--mostly early on, with that slight bit of sweetness. Since I had this Walnut Brown a couple of weeks ago, Goodwood's been creeping up on my radar more and more, even seeing it reviewed by some of my fellow beer bloggers and BeerTubers. I found this brown to be a very good start for Goodwood, and I look forward to checking out some of their other offerings.

Next up is Shakedown Street, a "dry-hopped tart Saison" (their description) from Southbound Brewing Company in Savannah, Georgia. At 5.2% ABV and 35 IBU, this Saison pours a hazy gold-peach color. It brings lots of funk at the front of the drinking experience. I also picked up citrusy lemon notes along with lemon and grapefruit rinds. A good amount of pepper is also present, and I also found a little bit of a white wine note towards the end of the drinking experience as it warmed up. Really solid stuff from Southbound. One of the more enjoyable Saisons I've had in a little while.