Six-Pack of News, Volume 24: Want a Corona with your Taco Burrito?

Above is the clean title of this post. The dirty title involves slug sex. You're welcome.

In what should come as little surprise, given their massive population, China is set to become the world's largest craft beer-consuming country, according to trade research group Drink Sector. Already the world's largest consumer of alcohol overall, now Chinese citizens are demanding more offerings from small- and medium-scale breweries, including craft breweries IN China. (China Topix)

Between it serving as the capital of Florida AND as home to a major university (Florida State), it should come as no surprise that Tallahassee, Florida has become a burgeoning craft beer destination. The Tallahassee Democrat has more.

The folks at love their lists, apparently. Here, I thought the VinePair staff were the only list freaks. Anyway, offers a list of 7 easy-drinking dark lagers that help craft beer novices get started down the path of enjoying such beers. Additionally, they have also compiled a list of the top upcoming craft beer festivals in 2017. The list spans the country and includes many of the top craft beer festivals like GABF and locales like Asheville, NC and more. and The Canadian Press are reporting that Taco Bell's flagship store in Toronto, Ontario will start selling beer and wine this June. Additional Canadian stores will follow in the offerings and join select American stores in these offerings, which was news to me.

In Brewbound's recent news round-up, they note the on-going the craft beer industry's constant battle to modernize and adapt states' liquor laws to be more craft brewery-friendly. They specifically note issues in the states of Maryland and North Carolina.

Finally, I think it is generally accepted that alcohol tends to make humans more susceptible to sexy times. For a specific type of Spanish slug, not so much. Researchers in Europe are concerned over the spreading and mutation of the Arion vulgaris giant slug throughout the United Kingdom, and have recommended leaving out saucers of beer, which attract the slugs and cause them to drown. So, you know. There's that.