Details of PRB Coverage of River Rat Brewery's 3rd Birthday

As previously mentioned, Columbia's River Rat Brewery will be celebrating their 3rd birthday tomorrow. I will be covering the festivities for PRB, as well as checking out several of the notable beers River Rat will have on tap for the celebration. Here's how you can find out all about it:

-I will be livetweeting the event on the PRB Twitter feed.

-I will be posting the beers I try live on the Untappd app, also available via PC.

-Either Sunday's or Tuesday's video will be dedicated to coverage of the event.

-Beers from the event will be included in Beers in Review posts over the next couple of weeks.

-Videos from the event will be posted, available for Patrons via Patreon.

I hope to see some of you at River Rat tomorrow! Cheers!