Six-Pack of News, Volume 11

Hello, everyone! I have some programming notes for later on in this post, but let's get to the news!

In Volume 10 of this news series, I threw some love towards the first and only brewery in the country of Jordan, Carakale Brewing Company. Now, thanks, in part, to fellow beer reviewer Rod Jones, here are a couple of articles about Carakale. This Vice article is a couple years old, but the Fox News article is from earlier this month and also includes interviews from other Arab brewers.

After roughly two years of success from their "Not Your Father's" alcoholic soda series, Small Town Brewery is adding Mom to the mix. The line-up will begin with Not Your Mom's Iced Tea, which will be released shortly.

A new beer-filling system designed to create the perfect head inside a beer growler, bottle, or can was featured on the hit ABC reality show Shark Tank, with seemingly positive reviews from the investors on the show. The system, named Fizzic, is available from Amazon and Brookstone.

In some news of personal interest, Cape May Brewing Company, about whom I wrote an in-depth review here, is a finalist for Manufacturer of the Year at the 2016 New Jersey Manufacturing Awards. The winner will be announced on October 7th--watch this space.

Finally, the Wall Street Journal published an article today about the supply-and-demand difficulties surrounding some specialty hops. Mostly focusing on supply shortages, article author Tripp Mickle talks to multiple small brewers about these supply issues, and how they have affected breweries' bottom lines.

One last thing: some programming announcements for the video review part of this site. There will be a review of Victory's anniversary beer tomorrow, then the month of October will soon be upon us. And what better way to start the month than with an Octoberfest series! Three videos, six different beers, beginning Saturday, October 1st, with the 2nd and 3rd parts coming the first half of next week. The Octoberfest videos will be videos 47-49, which means I will be making my 50th video in the next couple of weeks. To celebrate the milestone, I have a special side-by-side planned for that video, which will be released the week of October 10th. You can check all of those videos out, along with the 45 I've already made, right here!