Six-Pack of News, Volume 6

Man, with the Independence Day holiday on Monday, it fees like this week is flying by! I managed to pull together a handful of news stories of interest from the last week or so, so let's get going!

Will McCameron, owner of Brewery 85 in Greenville, SC, wrote a column on Brew Studs criticizing A-B InBev's summer-long "America" theme, pointing out that while some production is still done in the United States, the company is headquartered in Belgium and run by Brazilians, both of whom are decidedly NOT American. The column also caught traction in the local South Carolina press.

Runner's World reports on a Japanese Olympic marathon runner who won a 4-kilometer Fourth of July race in Boulder, Colorado, where she has been training for the Rio Olympics. Her prize? Her weight in beer from Avery Brewing. While she's been passing some of it around, she cannot partake in her prize until AFTER the Olympics.

I do enjoy IPAs, now, but I'm SURE I'm not psychotic. At least, I'm pretty sure. listed the average price for a beer in 70 international locations, and put them into a handy chart to find where beer is the cheapest. Or most expensive, I guess. Further down the page are some breakdowns of beer financials in European cities.

Finally, a columnist from Vinepair (thanks, Mom!) listed his ideal bar draft list, coming up with the perfect 16-tap line-up for his imaginary bar. This sounds like something I might do this weekend. Stay tuned!

Finally, local Columbia, SC taproom Craft and Draft is celebrating their 2nd birthday with a big party this coming Saturday. Congratulations, guys, and see you there!