Beers in Review: New Holland Trio

I have a little free time tonight, so as promised, I have three beers to review, all from New Holland Brewing.

We start with a couple of reserves from the local World of Beer's New Holland tap takeover on Saturday night. The Incorrigible Reserve is a sour ale infused with blueberries and blackberries. Pouring a pretty red gold color, this ale was quite sour, to the point that it almost overpowered the berries used in the process. They were evident early on in the sip, but the back end was so sour that it reminded me of a sour apple Jolly Rancher: just a hint of sweetness, but the sour note is very strong. The saltiness was fairly tempered initially, but ramped up as the beer warmed. Like all sours, this is an acquired taste, maybe moreso than some. The strong notes also tend to make a limit of drinking just one of these in a night.

Dragon's Milk is a well-regarded Imperial Stout that I had never had before. It is widely available. It's just that I tended to gloss over it. When I saw the Dragon's Milk Reserve aged in oak with raspberries and lemons on tap, I knew I had to dive into this stout. The beer is pitch black with a big, delicious chocolate brownie note with a delightful sweet berry note throughout and as an aftertaste. There is also an undertone of brightness provided by the lemon hiding in these powerful flavors. Checking in at a powerful 11% ABV, the expected booziness is surprisingly difficult to detect, possibly hiding in the berry notes a bit. I could feel the booze on my breath a little bit, but again, it was surprisingly muted. This was a damn good beer, and I'll need to grab a bottle of regular Dragon's Milk--I expect I've been missing out.

Finally, something I had at home, their White Hatter Belgian-style White Pale Ale. It pours a slightly hazy gold, or peach skin color (more the yellower part, less the redder part). As the style listing might indicate, this ale brings a lot of different flavors. I initially get a lot of Belgian sweet notes that quickly resolves to a significant citrus hop bite. Even the bite goes away fairly quickly, leaving a nice, big orange note for the entire back half that I really enjoyed. The hop bite DOES come back a bit when swallowing, but again goes away fairly quickly, leaving a relatively clean finish.