Six-Pack of News, Volume 5

After taking a week off, there is a wealth of beer news to get to--in fact, we can't even cover it all in six! Here is the latest Six-Pack of News.

Zymurgy magazine, the periodical for the American Homebrewers' Association, polled their readers to determine the 2016 Best Beers in America. As this was a nationwide poll, the list is essentially a ranking of beers that get good-to-great distribution cross-country. You're unlikely to find small breweries on the list simply because not enough people get to try them. In addition to the Top 50 Best Beers in America, Zymurgy readership also ranked Best Brewery, Best Portfolio (quantity of different beers), and Best Imports.

Earlier this month, Vinepair released their recommendation of 8 fruit-inspired beers to try this summer. It includes breweries with a variety of distribution levels, so everybody should be able to find at least 2 to 3 of the beers on this list. The list includes the excellent Founders Rubaeus, which was recently reviewed on this very site.

I post this story not to bash A-B InBev--almost everybody has lost a ton of money since the so-called Brexit vote in the United Kingdom on Friday, with the world losing something like $2.1 TRILLION dollars on that day alone. But this St. Louis Business Journal article notes that A-B InBev's share of losses totalled $11.9 billion.

In news of local interest, South Carolina lawyer Brook Bristow, who specializes in beverage law (which was a thing for awhile in this state) reports on how the state Law Enforcement Division (SLED) is cracking down on donations of beer from producers to non-profit organizations and events. Because this state always needs to be a bit bass ackwards.

Zach Fowle of DraftMag has some thoughts on aging "bad beer", though he's talking less Keystone Light and more beers that are thick and alcohol-dominant (even using descriptors like "cough syrup" and "rocket fuel" at points).

BrewStuds notes that included in a release about the California Craft Beer Summit and Beer Festival is the fact that the great state of California is now home to over 700 breweries. This works out to roughly one in every six breweries in the U.S. being located in California.