Six-Pack of News, Volume 2

Hey! We made it to a second one of these! Great job, everybody!

I have the Mumford and Sons cranked, the articles picked, and I'm ready to write. Let's do this!

We'll start with the bad news first. Josh Weikert of talks about what could happen if the craft beer bubble burst, with a hint of on-target bemoaning the lack of discussions on craft beer quality.

Hot on the heels of last week's article on the craft beer industry's massive valuation potential comes an article from Chris Furnari at Brewbound that says craft beer sales growth has slowed significantly to around 6.5% growth, down compared to last year (17% growth). There may be some cause for concern--nearly flat growth at grocery stores/drug stores/Wal-mart/etc.--but I doubt that the double digit growth seen in this and other sales avenues in 2015 was really sustainable. The Brewer's Association tries to pull out some of the so-called-but-not-really craft beer brands, specifically Blue Moon and Shock Top, to paint a better picture. Those two brands ARE DOWN (to the point of negative growth) significantly, but to cite them specifically without looking at other brands owned by Big Beer is unfair. In fact, some such brands, like Goose Island, Founders, and others are doing exceptionally well.

Onto happier news, Governor John Kasich of Ohio signed Sub H.B. 37 which, among other things, eliminated ABV caps on Ohio-produced beers. Prior to this, there was a limit of 12% on beers brewed in Ohio. Looks like this law may have also made some exceptions for taproom and brewery service.

Web-video service Vimeo has a roughly 20-minute documentary on the beer scene in Charleston, South Carolina, including how the city's culture influences that scene. The documentary is about two years old, but a lot of the spirit and sentiment remain relevant.

Chicago wrapped up their Craft Beer Week this past weekend, and Tribune reporter Josh Noel has some impressions on some possibly lesser-known Chicago breweries.

Finally, beer for dogs! Dogs struggle internally with some of the ingredients in human beers, but a U.K.-based company called Woof and Brew have created a dog-friendly "beer" made of "barley malt, dandelion, flax, and 'chicken flavoring'", aiming to create a common social ritual for both the dog and his/her owner.