Beer in Review: NOT a beer from Ireland (Whoops!)

So, in my journey to acquire Irish beers for this week's reviews, I made a slight error with one of them. Today's beer is an "Irish-style Cream Ale" that was made in England. Whoopsie!

Wexford Irish Cream Ale is made by Greene King Beers, though I can't find this particular beer on the website. This particular ale came in a larger aluminum can with a nitro widget. The result was that cascading bubble effect that Guinness draughts made most famous. The result is a smooth creamy white head on top of a gold-to-copper beer. The beer is flavorful, mostly consisting of bready malt flavors along with maybe a bit of caramel or toffee sweetness. The back end also has a mild amount of bite from the hops. This beer is much better than expected, as a lot of cream ales can be underwhelming in flavor. This one delivers very well.