Merry Christmas, and a brief review

Good morning, everyone, and Merry Christmas! I'm spending some time in Pennsylvania with the family, and based on pure curiosity, we tried out Dogfish Head Craft Brewery's Beer for Breakfast Stout, which is brewed with spices, coffee, maple syrup, and SCRAPPLE. Scrapple is a Pennsylvania and New Jersey "delicacy" where, basically, the leftovers of the pig are rendered down and formed into a loaf, sliced like bread, cooked/fried, and served. It's one of those things that sounds awful but tastes awesome.

Anyway, despite some reservations, our opinion of the beer was generally positive. I didn't have enough to do a proper review, but I found that the beer had lots of coffee notes up front, and was generally a little sweeter than I like. Probably, based on that sweetness, one 12-oz. bottle would be more than enough. Still, it was better than most of us expected, and was fairly well enjoyed.

I'll be back tomorrow (Monday 12/26) with another Beers in Review, along with more to come mid-week. See you then, and enjoy the day!