Six-Pack of News, Volume 13

Welcome to the latest Six-Pack of News, the 3rd news article in 8 days here at PRB. I've rounded up some news and a bit of handy beer knowledge that's worth checking out. Let's start with the big boys of beer, shall we?

Fresh off their assimilation of SABMiller, official World's Largest Beer Company A-B InBev's venture capital arm, ZX Ventures, acquired Northern Brewer Homebrew Supply and its sister company, Midwest Supplies. Northern, the country's largest homebrewing supplier, explained that "[n]othing will fundamentally change in as the result of this deal--in fact, things will only get better." As always, time will tell on such "partnerings".

A couple of higher-ups are leaving Dogfish Head and Surly Brewing.

Vinepair likes their lists, and their latest is a rundown of their favorite Anniversary craft beers. This list includes some widely-distributed brewers (Stone, Great Divide), some of the industry's heaviest hitters (Firestone Walker), and a few smaller releases that might not necessarily make it to your particular area.

Vinepair also tries to be hip while explaining the drastic downturn in pumpkin beer sales in the last two years. As a note, I disagree with one the finale premises of the article, stating that early August is a "seasonally appropriate time" to release pumpkin beers. Week before Labor Day, people! No sooner!

New Delhi, India-based microbrewer Bira 91 used viral marketing to attain a level of success, and now a major venture capital firm has noticed.

Finally, not so much of a piece of news, but some good advice for fans of food pairings. We always see analyses of wines to pair with certain foods. And some breweries have started doing this on their bottles and/or websites recently. But has made it easy for everyone by making this Beer and Food Pairing Chart. The chart is also available for download.