Layoffs are coming fast and furious from the beer production world.

I could wait until the next Six-Pack of News to report this, but given the pattern, it feels like it needs its own article.

Draft Magazine and others are reporting that Stone Brewing Company is laying off at least 75 workers, including many long-time Stone employees. Stone cited an "unforeseen slowdown in...growth" among the reasons for the layoffs. The full Stone public comment is included in the Draft article. The layoff is quite surprising, given Stone's ongoing ambitious expansion plans.

Stone is not alone in recent layoffs. The Craft Brew Alliance, who makes Redhook, Widmer, and Kona, among others, recently laid off 12-20 workers in its Woodinville, WA production facility, again noting a decline in production of Redhook beers and lack of demand from a Pabst Brewing offshoot for which the Woodinville facility was making beer.

Finally, MillerCoors closed a plant in Eden, North Carolina last month, impacting over 500 people. This followed layoffs at that same plant that had previously taken place over the summer.