Columbia Craft Beer Week, Day 6: Hunter-Gatherer, plus programming notes

I have a two beers for you to close out my contribution to Columbia Craft Beer Week (more on that shortly), from Hunter-Gatherer Brewery. We start with the Wheat beer. It pours a pale straw-gold, and is light overall with the most notable flavors being lots of grain and crackery or bready notes. There was also a mild sweetness and a hint of citrus towards the end of the sip. It was pretty tasty for a wheat beer.

Second was the ESB, which poured a reddish-brown or copper with a low-medium body and lead off with a nice malty backbone. This led to some dark fruit-type flavors and mild sweetness as the taste progressed. Very drinkable, a nice ESB, if that's your thing.

Now, while CCBW formally ends tomorrow, the final event is the 8th annual Columbia World Beer Festival, where I will be drinking as many 2 oz. pours as I possibly can. Notable beers will be described on the blog's Twitter page: I'm sure there will be several. But I wouldn't expect any further blog entries until early next week, unless I'm feeling especially chipper on Sunday, somehow.

Enjoy the weekend, everyone!