Beers in Review: Hanover, PA, brewing capital of the world? Part 1 (Miscreation Brewing Company)

Continuing checking out the beers of my old hometown, York County, PA, I've discovered that the small town of Hanover has no less than 4 microbreweries. Today, I'll be focusing on Miscreation Brewing.

We'll start out with a couple of similar beers. The first is called (and this is accurate) Spweach Impwediment. A pale wheat ale, this ale pours a hazy straw color, and is a pretty light beer overall. Peaches are used in the brewing process, and come through strongly in the first half of the sip. Later on, there are some spice notes, such as cinnamon or all-spice, but the brightness of the peaches doesn't really evoke the pumpkin/fall beer feeling I get from most beers containing those spices. The spices also are more subtle than is typical, so I really enjoyed their presence in the Spweach.

Next is what could be considered a cousin of Spweach, a wheat wine called Mush Mouff. Pouring an apricot color, peaches are also a heavy component of this wheat wine, as are raspberries. Both fruits are quite prominent in this straight-forward wheat wine. It has a higher alcohol content than the Spweach, and there is a slight hint of a booze note throughout, but nothing strong or overpowering.

Beer number 3 is their IPA, Powder Keg. A straight forward American IPA where dank hops explode at the outset, and the hop flavor and hop bitterness tend to hang around throughout the entire sip, and even afterwards. Also some fruitiness hanging around in the middle of the sip, but the hops are the big player in this IPA.

The final beer is The Conjuring, an American Black Ale. This beer has a good body and powerful flavors. It is roasty and smoky (perhaps a little too much overall in that regard) with a hint of bitterness. Cocoa is also quite the prominent flavor. Overall, this black ale has big, bold flavors, and can be quite enjoyable if the smokiness doesn't get to you.

Miscreation is doing a lot of really good things in the Pennsylvania beer scene. I really enjoyed their space in the square in Hanover, and I had some really great beers there. Hoping they keep it up!