Beers in Review: A couple more hoppy beers, plus one decidedly not

Today, we jump into a couple more hoppy beers, plus a well-regarded beer from Allagash.

We'll start with the hoppy beers, leading with Seminar Brewing's Alpha Crucis IPA. Alpha Crucis pours a dark gold color. The hops take the lead with piney flavors, along with a hint of citrus. The hops generate a mild amount of bitterness, nothing overpowering. As it warms up, the finish becomes more fruity, but overall it has a nice balance of hops and malt.

Next up is the Foothills Brewing Jade IPA, so named for its use of New Zealand's Jade hop, a hop that I don't recall having seen before. Most notable is the complex hop flavor profile generated by the Jade along with Citra and Chinook. The result is citrusy and spicy or peppery notes, along with a hint of resin, perhaps. There is also a bright fruitiness and a decent amount of bitterness. As it warms, it becomes more bitter and citrusy (especially lemony--that sourness might contribute to the increased bitterness). Also some dank flavors as it warms. A really neat, quite unique IPA.

Finally, what I would call Allagash Brewing Company's flagship beer, Allagash White, their traditional Belgian wheat beer. To me, this beer is very straight forward. It pours a pale straw color and is slightly hazy. There were spicy or peppery flavor notes, along with banana, cloves, and orange, and it was a little bit sweet. This beer has won multiple awards over the years, and really takes the wheat beer concept up a notch.