Beer in Review LIVE: In which I jump on board the "Star Wars" train.

So, I first saw it in this week's Free Times, Columbia's outstanding weekly alternative newspaper, and I'm sure they're not the only ones, given tonight's/tomorrow's release of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens". One of Westbrook's fall releases is Dark Helmet, a Schwarzbier/German-style black lager. This beer utilizes the very funny Mel Brooks "Star Wars" spoof, "Spaceballs", as is obvious in the beer name and the fact that it is a SCHWARZbier. The description on the label adds to the punniness.

Dark Helmet.jpg

So let's get to it. It pours pitch black, or damn close to it. Aroma came through as very roasty, almost to the point to burnt, and some hints of chocolate. The sip is much more generous. It has a medium body, and the chocolate comes through much more in the taste than in the smell. The taste also has strong roasty malt notes that provide some bite, but does not push too far like in the aroma. Coffee is also a notable player in the taste. Goes down fairly clean, and you're left wanting to take another sip.

I'd had Dark Helmet once before a couple of years ago, and wasn't super-impressed. This was a far better drinking experience than the last time.