Beer in Review LIVE: Lagunitas Sucks (the beer, not the sentiment)

Lagunitas Sucks is known as the substitute for their Brown Shugga winter seasonal. It's a double IPA, but seems to trend on the lighter side of the DIPA spectrum. The beer pours an orange-ish color, and just explodes with sweet aromas as it is poured. Per their website (which features a whole lot of really cool tunes, by the way), Sucks utilizes a "cereal medley" of barley, rye, wheat, and oats. The result does have a hint of bready/crackery/wheaty characteristics, but there is a slight hop bite followed by fruit (such as apricot) qualities in the front, then some maltiness and a slight bit of alcohol in the back of the sip. Really, a very solid, very delicious beer.