Beer in Review: New Belgium Pumpkick

So, I may have previously mentioned my relative disdain for the fall beer season. To summarize, no Halloween beers before Labor Day, no Christmas beers until November 1st. But, given this IS a beer blog, I know I have a responsibility to try SOME of the beers of the style. The things I do for a blog that almost nobody reads. So, enjoy my first live review.

New Belgium's Pumpkick spiced ale is pretty obviously loaded with spices like cinnamon, all spice, and nutmeg to go with the strong pumpkin flavors in this ale. The items that help to cut those spices and sweetness are lemongrass and, according to their notes, cranberry juice--this latter addition really kind of kicks it into a more Thanksgiving-appropriate beer. Anyway, for me, the lemongrass is faintly evident as a flavor, but more serves to temper the fall spice mixture, resulting in a more balanced flavor overall. I'm not getting much flavor of cranberry, personally. There is perhaps a slight hint of tartness, and perhaps the flavor itself comes out more at the end and in the aftertaste. Regardless, I'm sure that tartness is also helping to cut down the strength of those fall spices.

I bought just a single bottle of this beer, but I would consider buying a six-pack for the house. I'd probably wait to drink it until Thanksgiving dinner. Overall, pretty decent.